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It was early March and our team hit the road and sent west to sunny Southern California. (Or at least we thought). 
Noah and I were out west building a stockpile of content for the KeepItFvn site and social channels. Plagued with endless rain and the rise of Covid-19, our trip was cut short, but we made the best of it!
Here is a collection of photos featuring the SkyLoft, lifestyle on the road, and our Flagship Tee
The Skyloft rooftop tent. Somewhere in the rolling hills of Southern California. We found an awesome dirt road just before sunset. The lighting was too good, so we had to stop and shoot some photos.
We hit the road and left Denver around 4 am. Thirteen hours into the drive we were lucky enough to hit sunset smack - dab in the middle of the desert. 
We finally made it to the coast and grabbed every opportunity we could to shoot photos and film. This is all I could share for now without getting in trouble. Anyways, stay tuned for more soon! 
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