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Howdy fellow road trippers, adrenaline enthusiasts, and seekers of the extraordinary. Welcome to KEEPITFVN, the brainchild born from our insatiable love for packing up our gear, hitting the road, and immersing ourselves in the exhilarating tapestry of life.

Back in 2013, our mission was simple: document the thrill of our adventures and weave them into a timeless narrative through our social channels. And thus, keepitfvn came to life. Our days were dedicated to exploring the great outdoors, from biking and skateboarding to skiing, snowboarding, and even testing the waters with a surfboard in hand. We lived for the smiles during mountain sessions, the camaraderie of skatepark sessions, and the unforgettable moments of road tripping with friends. "Keep-It-Fun" wasn't just a name; it was a manifesto that echoed the simplicity and joy of our way of life.

As we crisscrossed deserts in the scorching summer sun and glided through snow-covered mountains in winter, the urge to share our experiences grew. KEEPITFVN became a canvas for self-expression, whether it was exploring national parks, hunting down the best skateparks, carving through fresh powder, or diving headfirst into random escapades. Fast forward to 2020, and KEEPITFVN embarked on a new chapter, focusing on crafting products for the open road while nurturing an inclusive and joyous community for all.

Beyond our adventures, the KIF team is driven by a commitment to give back to the planet we hold dear. A portion of our profits goes to conservancy programs that safeguard the oceans and forests—sources of immeasurable joy for us and countless others.

So, are you ready to hit the road with us and keep the spirit of fvn alive? Join the keepitfvn family, where every journey is an adventure in itself.


Keep it wild,


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