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COFFEE & CONCRETE: A Journey Through Wyoming

COFFEE & CONCRETE: A Journey Through Wyoming

It's simple - we live for life on the road. Whether it’s heading to the coast or trekking through the Tetons; KEEPITFVN is heavily influenced by our travels all over the country and the continent. 
We hit the road early June to explore the great state of Wyoming and experience it's raw landscapes, explore new skateparks, and share the stoke with local shredders. Our goal was to create content for KEEPITFVN, Traction Coffee, and TIMBR Basecamps while sharing the new zones and new spots with everyone.
Camping In Jackson
The route looked like this:
Coffee & Concrete Map
Leaving Longmont, Colorado, and heading up through Laramie to ride their fvn little skatepark and heading towards Evanston to ride a full pipe that few people have ridden. Upon arrival we found the full pipe still running with water from winter runoff. So we sent off to Jackson to spend some time by the Tetons (but not before almost running out of gas). 
We woke up the next day at sunrise to capture the most surreal view from our campsite and enjoy some warm coffee (It was in the high 30s that morning). As the sun came up and the coffee kicked in we realized it was time to head to the skatepark. Jackson Skatepark
Jackson Skatepark
Shortly after the session, it was time to push farther north to Cody, Wyoming. Leading us there were the roads zigging and zagging through Grand Teton National Park and continuing through Yellowstone National Park. 
Grand Teton National Park
Sulfur Pool Yellowstone National ParkFast forward 4 hours to us arriving in Cody, Wyoming, where we had one of the most fun sessions of the trip. An incredible concrete park with the nicest local shredders and an epic sunset. Check it out:Cody, Wyoming Skatepark Cody, Wyoming Skatepark
After this, we made camp food and jumped back on the two-lane highway south towards Riverton; where we found ourselves a nifty little camp spot right next to the skatepark. Early the next morning, a local talking firmly into our Van window had us boogie. We gathered our thoughts and hit the skatepark for a quick session before declaring it too windy. A quick 25-minute drive had us pulling up to another park in Lander, Wyoming.
From there, we pointed towards Steamboat, Colorado, where the weather looked much nicer than the alternative route.
Steamboat Sunset
Rolling into town we didn't know what to expect since neither Mike nor myself had ever been. After arriving at the skatepark we realized what we have been missing out on. The park had everything we enjoy riding and it was the perfect finish to an unreal trip.
Steamboat Skatepark BMX
Steamboat Skatepark BMX
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  • Sounds like excellent fvn. Keep the stories coming!

    Carol High

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