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KIFCAM - Flatirons

Capture the ride, frame the vibes with the KIFCAM. This is where grainy, timeless memories aren’t just made—they’re brought to life. Load, shoot, repeat, and let every film roll take you back on a journey of "Memories in Motion, Forever on Film."


Fear not, adventurers! Our beloved best-seller, the Skyloft rooftop tent, isn’t going anywhere. While we’re broadening our horizons, you can still snag your Skyloft right here 👇



Capture the vibe with KEEPITFVN's latest snap-happy wonder. Load, click, and immortalize your wildest moments with our fresh film camera.

Grainy, nostalgic, and all about good times – it's the ultimate memory machine for your epic adventures. Snap, savor, and keep the fvn rolling.



KIFCAM Craze: Sold Out - But Back for More!

We’re over the moon with the love and passion you’ve shown for capturing life’s spontaneous moments on film.

Memories in Motion, Forever on Film

Memories in Motion, Forever on Film På KEEPITFVN slår vårt hjärta till rytmen av äventyr och ett klick av en slu...

Starting out with the KIFCAM

Dive into these three foolproof tips and start capturing the essence of fvn, frame by unforgettable frame.
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