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About Us

keepitfvn® about us

keepitfvn (keep-it-fun)

Our company was born out of the love for loading up our rigs with all of our gear and hitting the road - particularly our admiration for the landscapes, incredible people, and new sites found along way.

In 2013 our only goal was to create a time capsule while showcasing all of our adventures through our social channels. That is the start of keepitfvn. We spent all of our spare time traveling to ride bikes, skate, to go skiing, snowboarding, or to try our hand at surfing. Our only goal was to partake in these activities while keeping the biggest smiles on our faces. After all, nothing compares to a good session on the mountain, the skatepark, or a good road trip with friends. The name "Keep It Fun" was simple and seemed like the perfect fit for our way of life.

After several summers roaming through the desert and winters spent driving through the mountains, we wanted to bring more to the table and allow everyone to be a part of what we created. Whether it be traveling to every national park, hitting the road in search of every last skatepark, slashing some fresh pow, or whatever other random activities we all get into, keepitfvn is all about expressing you. Fast forward to 2020 and KEEPITFVN has new plans to create ethical products for the road while creating an inclusive and fvn environment for all. 

On top of all that - the team here at keepitfvn® is committed to donating a portion of our profits to conservancy programs that work to protect our oceans and forests that provide so much joy. 

Now.. let's get out there and keepitfvn!

- Jay @ keepitfvn®

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