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🎞 The KIFCam is compatible with any brand of 35mm film 🎞

Introducing the KIFCAM: Our answer to mundane moments and staged shots. This isn't just a camera; it's your backstage pass to life's unedited highlights. In the world of 35mm film, every frame is raw, real, and ready for adventure. Whether you're navigating neon-lit streets or blazing trails off the beaten path, the KIFCAM is your trusty sidekick, immortalizing memories as they happen. Grab yours and join the movement at KEEPITFVN – let's create stories that defy the ordinary.

Film Freedom: Unleash your creativity with The KIFCam's compatibility with any 35mm film brand. Every click captures the narrative of your adventures, one frame at a time. (We recommend 400+ and shooting on bright days OR using the flash within 15 feet of subject)

Focus on the Moment: No need to fuss with settings. The KIFCam features a focus-free lens, allowing you to stay present while it captures the magic.

Everyday Elegance: Crafted for those with an eye for the extraordinary in the ordinary, The KIFCam effortlessly transforms mundane moments into visual masterpieces. From weekend escapes to casual rendezvous, it ensures every frame reflects the essence of your journey.

Brilliant Illumination: Illuminate your nights with the built-in flash, ensuring your memories shine bright under any circumstance (best within 15 feet of subject)

    The Tech Specs:

    • Lens 31mm f/9
    • Compatible with all 35mm film 
    • Built in flash
    • Focus 1m to ∞
    • Shutter speed 1/120S Power Source: 1x AAA battery for flash (not included)
    • Size: 119mm (W) x 67mm (H) x 44mm (D)
    • Material: ABS plastic

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Adam B.
    Been shooting film for over 30 years. Bravo KIFCAM!

    I have several film cameras. For a long time I've had this "thing" for sniffing out the budget 35mm point and shoot. I have tried a good amount of them. All came out just meh.....until I got my eyeballs on this camera. Takes the guess work out of scrambling to get your settings right for on the fly shutter snaps.

    I recently had this little camera by my side on a 5 week, 4,300 mile road trip in my van. I love the ease of this thing...also takes a fall pretty well so far, haha!

    Phil M.
    My favorite pocket cam

    I love this little camera, it fits perfectly in my bike bag and my snowboard jacket so it comes with me on every adventure. I also love how unique the photos are compared to my iphone, the lens has the best sun flares.

    Erica G.

    As an avid traveler and amateur photographer, I’m so excited to have the KIFCAM to add to my camera bag for quick point and shoot film memories. First roll came out great!”

    Ryan B
    Best point and shoot ever!!!

    This thing makes using film so easy and fun! Just load it up and shoot away! Good to capture a fun time with friends ;)

    First time with 35mm camera

    I have been wanting to shoot some casual film on trips as well as experiment with film. This is perfect to stick in my jacket pocket or backpack and take out to shoot quick photos of my friends and family. I can't wait to get my first few rolls developed!

    KIFCAST - Denver, Colorado


    As a pair of pals who share a passion for travel, adventure, learning, and exploring the unknown we can not WAIT to share our stories with you. Now Live!

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