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Coming Soon: KIFCAST 🌎

Howdy All!

Welcome to the KIFCast. The lifestyle podcast where we share our adventures, experiences, and tips on traveling the world. As a pair of pals who share a passion for travel, adventure, learning, and exploring the unknown we can not WAIT to share our stories with you.

In different episodes we will be sharing tips and tricks for getting the most out of your travels, including budgets, food experiences, and unique cultural experiences. We will also be interviewing interesting personalities from all over the map. Including fellow travelers, local badasses, experts in different fields, artists, social media stars, entrepreneurs and more. From the challenges they’ve faced to the successes they have achieved.

KEEPITFVN is and has always been about creative freedom and expression, as well as telling our own stories from around the globe and with that being said, we will also be discussing random topics that are on our minds. From current events to telling stories from the road, from mindsets and headspace to pop culture and music… we love it all.

So whether you’re looking for inspiration on your next adventure or just want to join us on our journey, the crew here at the KIFCast welcomes you.

So join us as we explore the world, one human experience at a time.

- Jason Lorenz and Dustin Smith

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