Weekend Warriors: Chattanooga, TN

Weekend Warriors: Chattanooga, TN | KEEPITFVNThis past weekend we sent it south, to Chattanooga, to explore new parts of Tennessee and to shoot photos with our new products. After a quick 1 hour 45 minute cruise down highway 24, we boogied into town to check out some new sites and grab a bite to eat. This was quickly followed by a short trek to the night's campground: Running Water Creek Campground just outside of town. 
KEEPITFVN - Chattanooga, TN
15 minutes and a quick dip into Georgia later, we arrived at the campground. Greeted by a steel gate with a lockbox (code included), big green trees, and dirt roads, we cruised around for 20 minutes and finally decided on a campsite... the first one. 
KEEPITFVN Chattanooga
Rambler Coffee Grinder - KEEPITFVN®
(Sneak Peak)
Running Water Creek campground gets a solid score based on its close proximity to Chattanooga, however, the railroad goes by every hour (or so?) so just be ready for that. I would also say this spot would be best experienced in a rooftop tent. Most of the sites are lined with heavy gravel and surrounded by large tree roots, rocks, etc. 
The trip was short and sweet, but we enjoyed the night away from the city. For more information on Running Water Creek Campground click HERE


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