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The Story of the  'V'

The Story of the 'V'

It's been a while, so here is a quick little blog post. The story of the 'V'. 

So why did we chose a 'v' instead of a good ole 'u'?

Though I wish we had some elaborate story or marketing plan from the get-go, the story is quite simple. In short, we couldn't afford it.

Turning this thing into a business was expensive. Especially with what we had planned (selling rooftop tents). After we got all of our ducks in a row, came up with branding, and logos, it came down to purchasing the site domain. We found out that '' was owned by some big domain holder and they weren't willing to part with the domain for less than $30,000. Yes, you read that right. Thirty Thousand Dollars. 

That was FAR out of our budget. In fact, that cost more than our entire first container of inventory. So we had to get creative.

After playing with a few different ideas, we tossed in the V to get a feel for how it would look with logos and on product. It took a little while to grow on us, but it did, and we love it. 

So we settled and picked up the domain for $20. Saving ourselves $29,980...

'keepitfivvin' 'keepitfive-in' 'keepitvibin'... we've heard it all. But just think FUN. 

KEEPITFVN (keep-it-fun)

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