The Skyloft is Back

keepitfvn skyloft rooftop tent 2022

Nope - we aren't kidding. 

In case you missed it - our best-selling rooftop tent, The Skyloft, is back and is on the way. 

2021 was a logistical nightmare. From supply chain shortages to shipping issues and backed-up cargo ships in LA... sh*t kind of hit the fan. As you may have noticed, we couldn't stay on top of the demand for our Skyloft rooftop tent. We'd get a shipment, and BAM it was gone. The worst part was, that we couldn't update you with timelines or even give you a rough date on when they'd arrive. Because well... we didn't even know...


The Skyloft is now available and shipping nationwide. 

Jam-packed with features and built with the highest quality materials on the market, the Skyloft is ready for your summer adventures. 

We can not wait to see what kind of adventures you get into, this summer. 🤠

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  • Tara M

    We preordered our Skyloft in February 2022 and received it this past week. This last weekend we took it out on our first camping adventure. It was so amazing I had to write a review. Not only does it look awesome on our Subaru, it is extremely comfortable, roomy and easy to set up(less than 2 minutes). We are looking forward to many adventures with this amazing, affordable tent. Thank you KeepItFvn! You Rock!!!

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