Now Live: The Wedge Rooftop Tent

The Wedge Rooftop Tent - keepitfvn®

The Wedge.

We’ve been working on getting this tent sorted for over a year and the day has finally come to show it to the world. After several samples, material changes, finishes, weather issues, and supply chain issues, we’ve got it all sorted out are ready to let preorders for this thing rip.

The Wedge has a sleek design that keeps everything tight and aero while on the road. On top of that, each one is shipped with roof racks so you can haul all your extra gear (bikes, boards, whatever really). The Aluminum roof and base of the tent keeps everything sturdy and the walls are made up of a 420g polyurethane-coated polyester and cotton blend with 3000mm waterproof rating. Yes, that is the thickest and toughest tent body in the industry.

Since the launch of keepitfvn, our goal has been to create the best product for whatever adventure you're on while bringing all your gear along. The Wedge is perfect for doing just that.

To check out more on The Wedge click HERE

- Jay @ keepitfvn®

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