The Pursuit Of New - Nashville, TN


I'll keep this short...

We've been pretty low-key over the last few months. Sorting out the back-end of this whole business thing. It's a lot and our team is extremely small. From answering emails, designing new gear, to shipping rooftop tents, everything is done in-house by our team... of 1.

KEEPITFVN was founded on the idea of hitting the road with your friends to explore the unknown. Whether that was to check out a new hiking trail in the mountains of Colorado or escaping the winter, heading west into Joshua Tree and onto the coast. Our identity has always been wrapped up in the pursuit of new.

In the pursuit of something especially new, we decided to make the jump and explore something completely different. The South.

A new chapter (at least for now) in the book of KEEPITFVN is being written and our rad crew of friends here in Nashville have re-inspired our goals and mission. Making quality products for the road is still the number one goal and creating gear for your everyday is important to us, too. As we settle down here in Nashville, we hope to release more lifestyle gear (soft goods, accessories, etc.).

We are SO stoked to explore all the new spots that our new city, state, and region have to offer (like all the caves?!?!) and we hope to meet you all along the way. 

Now lets get out there and KEEPITFVN ⚡️



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